Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities

All the extra-activities of the school are directed by the HOUSE SYSTEM. There are four houses each having its own colour, patron and motto and are guided by appointed moderators.


Red House Dominic Savio Service with Joy
Blue House St. John Bosco Unity is Strength
Green House St. Mary Mazzarello Our Best for God
Yellow House Laura Vicuna Knowledge is Power


Reward and punishment are meted out by merit and demerit both for Conduct and Studies.

Competitions incite each group to work harder and to aim higher everyday. Quiz competition increases General Knowledge. Inter-class one-act play, Elocution, Debates etc. also help to form the character and to develop talents of the pupil.

Each house is guided by Captain and Vice Captains.

The House system is introduced  for classes IV to X. The House system provides ample opportunities for an all-round education and development of the students.