ysm / ycs - a movement of students

ysm / ycs - a movement of students

ANIMATORS: Miss.Ritwika Sarma, Miss.Jasmine Lakhra


The history of YCS is linked to the life and vision of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, a pioneer of Catholic Social Action and Lay apostolate in the church. He promoted and organized people’s movement using the pedagogy of See-Judge-Act. YSM/YCS, as a movement of the students, is liberative in nature and aims to remove structures and systems that do not respect human dignity. This movement started in India in the 1950’s. The year 1995 marks the beginning of YCS/YSM in North East Region.

AIM Building up a new society, God’s kingdom, through self-change.

THEME “See – Judge – Act”


  • Through street play, rally and demonstration on the theme of the year on occasion of ‘World Health Day’ , ‘World Red Cross Day ’ etc.
  • Feeding programmes in the orphanage and destitute home.
  • Flood and other disaster relief.
  • Eye screening test and eye operation camps.
  • Cleanliness drive in the city/plantation.
  • First aid training and HIV\AIDS awareness.
  • Peace rally etc.


  • Rangoli competition to bring out the creativeness of the students.
  • Flower-arrangement competition to enhance the power of beauty and coordination among the students.
  • Visit to Ashadeep, a spastic society, to make such students feel that they are special.
  • Animation program, conducted by the animators of Guwahati diocese, to make the students aware of the functions of YCS / YSM.